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Sustainability is part of our DNA. We were born as a unique ecological proposal that sought to break paradigms and have not only achieved our goals, we have transcended them. We are the first ecological airport in the world and the first in the region to be carbon neutral, among other important environmental achievements that position us as an example to follow in the airport and business sectors. We have expanded our commitments and aligned our strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, and to contribute globally to the world.

Jorge Rosillo

General Manager

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to sustainability and specifically to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established by the United Nations, has been achieved through different initiatives focused on environmental protection, support for society and the generation of shared value.

Our priority is placed on those SDGs where we can contribute the most due to our type of business, operation and the different audiences we serve. These are those goals related to material issues, which are also the basis of our sustainability strategy.

Sustainability came into our business life through ecology, but over the years we have extended this respect for nature to the different values promoted through the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations. The work has been hard but the satisfactions are enormous and the goals to achieve even more.

In our Sustainability Report we show the road we have traveled and in our Sustainability Strategy, what is yet to come. We want to share with you part of our history in these reports and our commitment to a present and a future where sustainability will continue to be our benchmark.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Strategy - Action Areas

Environmental policies

We share with you our environmental policy:

• Comply with the legal framework applicable to all environmental quality processes at a national level and, when required, at an international level.

• To sustain a system of continuous improvement in the airport operation in alignment with the environmental objectives.

• Train and prepare personnel by strengthening environmental education.

• To conserve and protect the environment, with the purpose of preventing and minimizing pollution, as well as reducing environmental damage affecting the island’s ecosystem.

• Develop and implement innovative ideas through technologies applicable to the reduction of GHG emissions for the benefit of the planet.

• Actively involve stakeholders in the commitment to reduce GHG emissions.

• To provide the highest level of service to our passengers, national and foreign, guaranteeing the conservation of the Baltra Island ecosystem.

Environmental objectives

The Galapagos Islands have unique terrestrial and marine ecosystems in the world due to their highly endemic flora and fauna, making them extremely vulnerable to risks.

For this reason, as managers and operators of the Galapagos Ecological Airport, we are committed to achieving the following objectives during the execution of our activities and to reduce the possible impact they may have on the ecosystem of the Islands:

• Prevent and mitigate the possible environmental impacts generated by the operation of the Galapagos Ecological Airport, which may affect the Galapagos Park and Marine Reserve systems. As well as in the areas of human and ecological interest where the project is being implemented.

• Ensure that the airport services provided by the Galapagos Ecological Airport comply with the legal framework established in the province of Galapagos and the country.

• Maintain the international certifications held by the Galapagos Ecological Airport.